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Opening track Madly introduces the sound of the album with an infectious and uplifting melody, courtesy of the beautiful piano chords and heartfelt vocals. Tracks such as Ballet Dancer, Smiling Face or Seasons are among my favourite tracks of the entire album.

The R&B influences remind me of ground-breaking performers the likes of D’Angelo or Otis Redding, while the diversity of the sound is truly refreshing. This album is a place where funk, blues, rock and soul collide into something absolute refreshing. Whether performing an uptempo number or a mellow ballad, this ensemble of international musicians knows how to make things work and deliver their best.

One of the most amazing things about this album is that it got me thinking. It got me thinking quite a lot about the wonderful day and age we live in and all the advancements that allowed musicians and performers to create their art and collaborate in spite of budget limitations, distance and other constrains. Yet, there are so many people that fail to see the full potential of all of this, as they spend their time and energy complaining about the death of music and other dramatic rants. People such as Winski and the Skelley’s Dream musicians represent what the future of music is really all about.

With this album, they raised the bar higher and managed to focus on the only thing that really matters here: creating great songs that speak to the listeners. If they didn’t tell me this was an album made by musicians from different locations, I would never have figured it out, because this record sounds like the product of years and years of making music together! Accomplished, catchy and well-produced!

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